Monday, July 28, 2008

well time is sure flying by this month.MY kids are getting cabin fever as they just go out little bit and play since its been so warm.Since we havent had the money or time to go get the plates replaced on the truck yet.
Seems like the harder my hubby the works the more grocery bill is and cant get ahead.
well this past week I have accomplished 2 babyhats,pair of baby booties sneakers,baby onesie to go with one of the hats and working the afghan to go with it still have a couple more dinos to make to put on it.Tested a beautiful square for a lady crojulee@crochtvillegoing to make piullow out of it for grandaughter ..well that about does it for now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

night me crocheting the dad and kids rocking!

one of my little patterns I made up.dolly head in blanket. still working on the pattern.of course I gave this one away to little girl.
Family Photobucketjamming to some music on the web.


Photobucket">this is what I recieved in the mail from a wonderful lady from crochetville! What a great surprise! Still shocked that it is in my livingroom!
okie dokie not much going on around here. just hanging aound the old house looking at all that is starting to well all this week the top of my ring fall off, kitchen drawer that holds the silverware decided to fall apart all sides. the computer monitor went out. now the tv is doing whacky things like going loud then soft then no sound the menu keeps poppin up.So well new tv soon.One bathroom sink doesnt work the drain is broke. new pipes for that coming soon. glad we have another bathroom.atleast the weather hasnt been extrremely hot just humid. But today is was little warmer and tomorrow suppose to be warmer still so that is now gone back to hot weather again. lol well off to go and do something else