Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blah Blah Blahs from Nov

Today spent sewing some things and then trying to clean up some stuff. That didnt get very far with the boys. They seem to make a path destruction right behind me.
Did make some cookies well just baked them .Halloween the store had pillsbury sugar cookies with chocolate cats in the middle reduced to 99 cents so got the only 3 left so baked 2 of them they are really cute cookies and not to bad.
When all of them are alseep tonight going to finish cutting out the pants for the little one.Figure get them all cut out then just have to sit and sew them all up one less step with 6 extra hands trying to help me.
I realized today that the boys might just wear slippers if Icrocheted them some since they were taking turns puttng on the ones I made for there sister for halloween.Which is YEAH!!
My snowman basket that I am crocheting is about 2/3 done and my angel is about 1/3 done she is coming out big!!! Since I am using a c hook and finger weight yarn which is great since I want her to sit somewhere.
Think going to start next year with collecting snowman since I have a few things already think it would be cute having them jolly faces popping around here and here!
Since I washed my angel lace thingys I made I havent put them back up in the opening of the walkway going into the kitchen area. geuss just too lazy to climb up on the ladder and do it. But here in few more weeks be putting up christmas lights so I might just wait until then. ahahaa
They can stay cleaner from dust that way!!
Love them cheap hoop earrings that you get from the dollar stores well these are 1.30 but you get like 6 pairs been crocheting some whacky things onto them.Thinking about doing some christmas ones already did some burnt turkey ones but they look more like owls.since I didnt have brown but I got to thinking I have some brown embordairy(sp)thread in brown going to make some turkey butt ones. have to see what I can come up with.
I dont talk politics so that is all I am going to say on the matter! I even took a copy off the computer of him and the saying that he is president so that down the road to show the kids.
Well better close this for now.Hope who ever is reading this that they are having a great day or night!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

LOL well the pictures are going the wrong way in place!!

Yummy candy!

Glow stick work great in crocheted skull!

DAD got in the ACT

Hardwork trick or treating!

Me and the Kids

Being shy!!

Caitlynn as Dorothy!

Tom and Jerry! Boy do they live up to that!

See the cat does try to get the mouse!lol

Here we are before trick or treating and trick or treating.
Not alot of poeple were out this year and not alot of poeple were passing out candy either but the kids still had fun and still got the feeling of what it was all about.That is all that matters!