Friday, September 5, 2008

Good to be back online since we had to make the choice of eating or electric or cable.. well you cant do cable without electric so that won.Thanks to a great friend from crochetville who posted my pic of my games stars and snowflakes when I got them done.cell phone are great with a camera and for sending pics and messages when the internet is down. lol but now since I paid for the cable the cellphone has lost its messages until a couple of weeks. oh well.. these are tough times! atleast me and my family arent living on the streets!Husband still has his job. my neighbor is off of work for 3weeks do to the eco problem they are over produced and not having customers.he works in a plastic conditainer plant.I am cleaning my olders neighbors home once aweek now so that helps alittle.. If I my husband worked at different shift I would have a job working at nights at the local supermarket.That would be great if opening came on days for hubby.Time well tell.
Everyone in the faily is doing great though. Caitlynn is walking running around and getting her hands into everything the boys are leading her too. Joy JOY JOY!!But she is a cutie she is rippin off her daiper and headin for the bathroom already!! YAY!!
crochet news I am comission to my husbands work to do 10 headset earpieces since the headsets cost 400 some dollars these earpieces that I make of 100 cotton absorb the sweat from the heat in the plant and are helping with saving them from being ruined and keeping the guys from getting ear rashes from the headset!! YAY hoping that it my lead into something else.. also got rewarded with a shirt from them for doing the design of alligator with paper for the a couple of years ago I came up with idea of how to do there labeling they are using that. ahahhaahaa told my husband that I wouldnt be employeed there long if I actually had to work with anyone in person!! Since I would tell them how it really is! ahahhaa
well off to finish dinner now!! take care god be with you !!

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