Thursday, May 20, 2010

So lazy at posting on here.
well Hubby losing his job due to the plant closing is really starting to take a toll on us.I am even wondering now that whatever we had left in our marriage is going to take this big blow.So far its big rollercoaster and its only been 2 weeks.
I can feel myself getting depressed but I can't stop it.feeling like the life is being sucked out of me.I want the old feelings I had to come back.laughter,joy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LOL I am so lazy about this!I need to post some picture soon of the stuff that have been doing.. the family is doing well. surviving the heat of the summer so far! We had a mild June and its catching up to us now. Been over 110 for about month now!The kids are getting cabin fever ahahaha
Mom is trying not to go nuts lol

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well been really lazy about posting anything in here I see!! what is new with me.. lets see Thursday night I did the sheila klutz move and broke my big toe on hamburger wrapper ahaahhahaaa slipped on it and my big toe went under my foot,I didnt know it could bend that far aahahahaha
So now hobbling along getting use it with this foot since its the same one I broke twice in the recent years ahaahahaa
Well had a birthday so now a year older. geuss that is why I have been lazy.havent really even crocheted lately either. But going to drag something out here to do!! Kids are all doing fine.Hubby is over some overtime that sure is finally helping!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Grand daughter in hat I made her lol finally get to she her in it. lol not sure if she likes it or not ahahahahaahahahHubby/ Grandpa

Here he is in his new glasses!! still like spidey ones better!lol

Hippeeeeee Hubby went back to work!!

now has to wear a hard contact(crt) for the scar tissue for 10 days going up wearing hours every 2 days. This helps get rid of the scar on the cornea.All this has sure been learning experience!!

I did a swap on crochetville for grannysquares! My partner sent me some really pretty ones!

Its been fun !!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I m in the middle of crocheting a hopefully cute gift for a friend for there anniversary.I hope that my minds picture works out with it.lolUsing the birdnest pattern from but I m putting crochet birds on the top with a banner going from one bird to another one.You crochet the the cover for a small coffee can then you cover the lid with the nest part of it but I am going to try to make it so that you can lift the lid for candy or treats or something inside of it.
Well Hubby went to the doctor on Thursday and he was told that he has gone down from 85% chance of surgery to 50% chance now. Tomorrow he goes in again hope that it is better news but I really dont know. He is having alot of pain behind the eye.Hope that is something just happens with a ulcer on the cornea.We had to aply drops of meds every hour on the hour through the night and day for couple of days then we went on every 2 hours now.WOW this meds are 50 bucks apiece already gone through one bottle starting another one!almost 200 buck for just medicine.Not that I am complaining about what has to be done but wow they sockit to you when you really need something to save your eyesight.Then the insurance wouldnt pay for the new bottle because it was too short of time span.geesh.They did that for asthma meds before to us too on inhaler.after you pay so much for co pay and weekly payment for the cost to have insurance.
All I know is that I am pulling my hair with worry over this and the kids and all.Lorel hair dye take me away. Or I will be wearing my hat all the time to cover the baldness.ahahaha

Thursday, February 5, 2009

These are the Loasfers I finished up yesterday!! I love them they are so comfy. Going to be making some more of these here soon.Pattern was on Annie's Atiic free pattern of the day
02/02/09 I believe. then the flower is from the lady from crochetville

Monday, February 2, 2009

I GOT THE BIGGEST SURPRISE in the MAIL to day!!! I am now the PROUD OWNER of a Crochetville Bag!Crocheted by WONDERFUL member on Crochetville who takes time out of her life each month and sends a box to surprise some lucky person with a beautiful bag!!About gave my husband a heart attack with me screaming his name and yelling. Then got it in the house and I was crying and shaking to much open it.. Then I was afraid to open it.too funny!If only we had a movie Here is the picture of the beautiful BAG! also today my husband went to the doctor because he has been suffer from what thought was allergeries which was affecting his eye.Well come to find out that he has a ulcer on the cornea.So now he is at the eye doctor to see what damage has been done and what is what.Hoping that it isnt as bad as it looks!!But my kids decided that Daddy should wear these from now on to protect his eyesLOL this must be the what spiderman will look like as a older man!!