Sunday, February 8, 2009

I m in the middle of crocheting a hopefully cute gift for a friend for there anniversary.I hope that my minds picture works out with it.lolUsing the birdnest pattern from but I m putting crochet birds on the top with a banner going from one bird to another one.You crochet the the cover for a small coffee can then you cover the lid with the nest part of it but I am going to try to make it so that you can lift the lid for candy or treats or something inside of it.
Well Hubby went to the doctor on Thursday and he was told that he has gone down from 85% chance of surgery to 50% chance now. Tomorrow he goes in again hope that it is better news but I really dont know. He is having alot of pain behind the eye.Hope that is something just happens with a ulcer on the cornea.We had to aply drops of meds every hour on the hour through the night and day for couple of days then we went on every 2 hours now.WOW this meds are 50 bucks apiece already gone through one bottle starting another one!almost 200 buck for just medicine.Not that I am complaining about what has to be done but wow they sockit to you when you really need something to save your eyesight.Then the insurance wouldnt pay for the new bottle because it was too short of time span.geesh.They did that for asthma meds before to us too on inhaler.after you pay so much for co pay and weekly payment for the cost to have insurance.
All I know is that I am pulling my hair with worry over this and the kids and all.Lorel hair dye take me away. Or I will be wearing my hat all the time to cover the baldness.ahahaha

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Anonymous said...

Check with your doc, he may be able to precert the meds so insurance pays for them more often. That happened to me as well but after the doc called and did whatever he had to do to convince them that the meds were needed more than usually prescribed it was ok'd for a year. Can't hurt to try. Good luck.