Thursday, May 20, 2010

So lazy at posting on here.
well Hubby losing his job due to the plant closing is really starting to take a toll on us.I am even wondering now that whatever we had left in our marriage is going to take this big blow.So far its big rollercoaster and its only been 2 weeks.
I can feel myself getting depressed but I can't stop it.feeling like the life is being sucked out of me.I want the old feelings I had to come back.laughter,joy


CaroleM :) said...

Hi! Sheila Bunny ~ :>) Just thought I'd check out your blog, gf ~ I just created mine, too. Not quite sure what I'm doing exactly, but it'll be fun anyhow, huh? ;>) Hope your doing well . . . sorry to see that your hubby is unemployed. Bummer! Been there, done that, a couple years ago with MY hubby, too ~ 11 months!! Keep in touch, okay? And go check out MY Blog ~ :>D Carole

Crocheting Crab said...

My husband had lost his job and I know how much stress and hardship it causes. :( He was unemployed for 3 months (this time). The first month and a half we used our tax refund to live on (something that killed me inside) and then the rest on a credit card. He did find work again, making so incredibly much less. Please hang in there. Money is a very big deal in marriage, but try to remember that things can get better.