Sunday, November 2, 2008

LOL well the pictures are going the wrong way in place!!

Yummy candy!

Glow stick work great in crocheted skull!

DAD got in the ACT

Hardwork trick or treating!

Me and the Kids

Being shy!!

Caitlynn as Dorothy!

Tom and Jerry! Boy do they live up to that!

See the cat does try to get the mouse!lol

Here we are before trick or treating and trick or treating.
Not alot of poeple were out this year and not alot of poeple were passing out candy either but the kids still had fun and still got the feeling of what it was all about.That is all that matters!


Yarnjeannie said...

Great photos! Looks like everyone had a fun time!

Anonymous said...

aww those are great you did an awsome job on the costumes!!!

Crochet Goddess said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. Yes I am proud of my daughter she is working very hard and so far not too bad. She has a few teen moments but I think we all did. Your blog looks great. It looks like you had a wonderful time Halloween night. I hope you have a great weekend.