Thursday, January 15, 2009

This has been a rough start to a new year so far :sigh: hope next month gets better!
well last night finished making rasta hat it was alot of fun!Going to make more of them!Got the pattern from a member of crochetville from her blog.

My neighbor became a grandma well the only she can her future daughter in law got new little puppy so I made her little sweater the other day.yellow with yellowand goldish fun fur trim with rhinestones at the back.hehehe I think it came out really cute!

as you can tell it is little chihuahua.size sweater.

well hope that all that reads this is having a good day. take care


Debbi-a1 said...

Love the hat. I like the different stitches used. The dog sweater is so cute.

Amy said...

Oh I love your Rasta Hat!!!

Do you mind sharing what pattern you used??

craziebunny said...

Hi Amy so sorry that it ook me so long in answering you back! the pattern I used is this one.