Monday, February 23, 2009


Grand daughter in hat I made her lol finally get to she her in it. lol not sure if she likes it or not ahahahahaahahahHubby/ Grandpa

Here he is in his new glasses!! still like spidey ones better!lol

Hippeeeeee Hubby went back to work!!

now has to wear a hard contact(crt) for the scar tissue for 10 days going up wearing hours every 2 days. This helps get rid of the scar on the cornea.All this has sure been learning experience!!

I did a swap on crochetville for grannysquares! My partner sent me some really pretty ones!

Its been fun !!!!


Crochetheaven said...

Your granddaughter is an absolute doll! And the hat is pretty darn cute too. Hope your hubby's eye problem is fixed real soon. Thanks for hopping on over to visit my blog and leaving a comment.

Debbi-a1 said...

The hat is cute!

Agusiek said...

How cute girl hat. And the best model than I could imagine ;)