Thursday, June 19, 2008

SAD my baby is turning ONE!

So today was another HOT one! Of course silly me decided to change the kitchen around sooo out the door I go to get the big table. Which at the time it was 115 on the back porch.Anyone for a swing on the swing on a nice summer day?!WEll my whole concept of this was that I needed the bigger table to lay out my sewing patterns.ahahhaahaSo later on tonight I am going to sew up my daughters dress. Top is crocheted and the bottom is fabric.I can't b elieve that tomorrow she is going to be ONE YEAR ALREADY! sniff sniff.She is starting to take off on her own walking now. standing alone in the middle of the floor and letting go of things and took her first steps last night from her swing to me!Boy is she alreasdy giving her brothers a run for there money! I tell you she going to be the BOSS!Heheee

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