Friday, June 27, 2008

Well here it is made it to friday!
I have to say to everyone that reads my blog that I give birth to 10 children but in a nasty divorce lost custody of 5 of them 2 of them married.3 live with me.That is my prayer that some day we will all be together again!My ex-husband has them in michigan area.I dont see them I dont have contact with them. I didnt even know that he moved with them and I dont get any infor from the state.I wont go there with that!
When I lived 12 miles from them he wouldnt let them call me If I called it went unanswered volidated all the divorce rules.
He is a very mind controlling person.He actually locked me in the basement and I got the door opened and he held it shut with my fingers in it and called 911 on me as he was hitting himself with a hairbrush telling them I was beating him.I even had a witness to that.I had to beg with him in front of a cps person to get my oldest daughter phone number so that I could call her since he wouldnt let me talk to her at all when she called since he was mad that she moved out when she turned 18.So he turned all the kids against her and wouldnt let any of us have contact. There is a whole lot more to this story.`His family wont tell me where they are or anything just a very upsetting event.When my mother died I actually found letters where his mother and him sent to her saying that they are taking care of everything I still lived in the same house as HIM.He tried to get even my own family against me like I was some kind of crazed woman.So I Just keep counting down the minutes and hours and days and years of when one of them will contact me.When poeple dont know the whole story that think WHAT KIND OF PERSON is SHE!WHo would go to another state and leave her children behind.Well when you are being HEARTBROKEN every day in your face. When you know they are home and they cant come to the door!Then you have to make a decussion in your life to move on alittle and live with the hope that one day god be willing it will fall into place.
So I did remarry to a man and we have 3 little ones together. I do spoil them.I now have grandchildren to call and look at there pictures and one day hoping to move closer to them.Be there now if it wasnt for the housing prices of selling your home.
I feel sorry for these men and woman that lose custody of there children when they are good poeple because it comes down to a judge that decides the outcome of your life in a divorce.
WEll I geuss I did go on and on with this!

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