Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well today is somewhat of a blah day.Just hanging around the house doing much of nothing.Ready to go to bed! But the little one is still up.

Made my neighbor who I dont know except just a hi here and there a pair of baby booties today since she is due anytime now.Just stuck them in her mailbox and then ran into her son at the dumpster and told him there was something for his mother in there.She probably thinks I am

This use to be such a fun neighbor with the pool parties in the summer time and everyone meeting at someones house over weekends and the holidays where spent with each other that didnt have relations around.But times have changed now and everyone is older and busy and so things like that dont happen anymore.

I thought it would be somewhat different when Imoved back here. my mother was in poor health but I didnt think she would die so fast after a year of us being here.But I look back glad that I got that chance to be with her.

Think I am just getting extremely bored here now. I dont have any poeple my own age to be around. Just in the house 24/7 since someone stole our licenses plate and that is going to be a long wait at the DMV to get things in order now. My husband job has him working strange hours so there hasnt been any room to get it fixed.The poeple at the crochetville on the internet must be getting sick of seeing my name on eveything.LOL

Well anyways, this pass sunday we had cake and ice cream for the baby's birthday.This weekend is my husband birthday.He is suppose to have it off but not counting my chickens.

Above is a picture in one of her dress I made for her. This is her on sunday 6/22/08

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2kute said...

hey there! thanks for visiting my blog. Can't believe you have 10 kids. LOL I'd go nuts LOL