Monday, June 16, 2008

WELL THE HEAT OF SUMMER IS STARTING TO KICK IN NOW!blah.FATHER'S DAY WAS GOOD DAY.. DID SOME RIBS AND MADE IF do say so some great potato salad.since I didnt have all the fixin for regular one. used baked potatoes and then added mushroom and mayo, bacon bits and garlic powder. salt and pepper. it was different and good.
Little one decided she likes to climb on the couch!Then onto the top to look out of the window..YIKES.
*sigh* she going to be 1yrs old this 20th and boy time goes fast!The last of my little now hitting the big numbers now!
Digging out the sewing machine today hopefully and get started on all my sewing that I have to do.Since I have tons of material and little room so might as well start using it.
When my mother died I got all her stuff was great but now its my craft stuff and its taking over the closets and everywhere.I know my husband has to get tired of looking at it.So need to make some clothes with it and that gives more to
plus I need to scan some pictures and learn how to put them on here.
I hope as the weeks and month go by I can learn more about this bloggin bit and set it up right!

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